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more than a bed

More Than A Bed was founded in 2014 out of a shared desire to host people

from all over the world in our beloved city Beirut.

With the number of traditional Lebanese houses rapidly dwindling, we felt

compelled to save a part of our heritage by investing in their renovation and

rejuvenation. And so More Than A Bed came to life, with a fast-growing

number of apartments in the heart of the city being renovated, furnished,

and decorated with character, charm and particular attention to detail.

Our More Than A Bed Apartments are in fact much more than just a bed; they

offer comfort, design, location, and quality, as well as a personal and

authentic experience unlike any other.

More Than A Bed was founded by a team of five young professionals – Mardig,

Nathalie, Ramzy, Wassim, and Petra – each hailing from a range of backgrounds

including architecture, design, and engineering – who contribute their respective

areas of expertise to ensure every step of the process is covered.

In 2018, the team expanded to include two full-time hosting managers, Livia and

Fayez, who personally welcome guests upon arrival and offer round-the-clock

assistance throughout their stay. They also manage the full-time cleaning and

maintenance teams, and take care of all communication with guests to ensure the service provided is of the highest possible standard.

While our backgrounds may differ, we all share the same passion for this vibrant and eclectic city which we call home: Beirut. We strongly believe that by offering such authentic and personalized hosting experiences – including the option to choose from a number of carefully curated and custom-made tours – our guests will benefit from a genuinely unique Lebanese experience that is elsewhere unparalleled.